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AAUW Southern New Hampshire Branch News
FREE Online Course: Closing the Gender Pay Gap
The Southern New Hampshire Branch of American Association of University Women (AAUW) is delighted to pass along information about an online course and offer guidance to women interested in closing the gender pay gap. The pay gap is the difference between what an average woman working full-time is paid compared to the average man. American women earn only 80 percent of their male counterparts, a pay gap of 20 percent. Why does the Pay Gap matter? The pay gap has lifelong financial effects that grow over time, from the ability to pay for education and childcare to saving for retirement, impacting women in nearly every profession. 57 percent of men try to negotiate their salary, but only 7 percent of women do.
AAUW has just introduced Work Smart Online — free salary negotiation course to help women earn the pay they deserve. To access the online course type in your search bar and begin your preparation to negotiate a better salary and benefits. This easy, engaging e-tool will teach participants to learn the market value of their skills and experience, determine an equitable “target salary” based on skills and experience, and ask for the pay they deserve. Here’s the best part: The program works! In surveys with our participants, nearly all reported having more confidence and better negotiating skills after taking the class.
AAUW’s salary negotiation program has already trained more than 30,000 women, and nearly all participants report increased knowledge, skills, and confidence in negotiating. A study of the AAUW Work Smart in Boston program’s first year found nearly half of workshop participants successfully negotiated a competitive starting salary or pay raise following their training. Women come away from the workshops knowing how to determine their market worth based on their skills, experience, performance, qualifications, and responsibilities on the job and having the tools and business strategies they need to successfully negotiate for fair pay for the rest of their careers. Three members of the Southern New Hampshire Branch have facilitated these workshops and are available for consultations. If you have questions, contact Susan Hoover at 213-6601 or by email
AAUW’s mission is to advance gender equity for women and girls through research, education and advocacy. The Southern New Hampshire Branch provides scholarships for young women who are pursuing college degrees with the intent to follow STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Math) careers after graduation. In addition, the branch also hosts a book discussion group and Meet and Eat social evenings. They sponsor the annual Candidates Night, giving the public a chance to meet and hear the positions of candidates running for offices on the Amherst ballot in March.